Church Of the Epiphany in Amherst, VA
              Church  Of               the Epiphany              in              Amherst, VA

Easter Season 2024

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Church of the Epiphany


104 Epiphany Court
Amherst, VA 24521

Phone: (434) 946-2524



Rt. Rev. Charles H. Nalls, OblSB

Phone: (434) 258-3789





Morning Prayer: 10:00am
Mass: 11:00 am


Christian Education Study: (Dante's Divine Comedy, early Purgatorio): 1:00pm after lunch



Morning Prayer: 8:00am

Bible Study (from Exodus 22):

Wednesday 5/08 at 10:30am


Choir Practice:
Thursday at 4:00pm

Game Board Night: The third Friday of the month, in the undercroft of the church, at 6:30pm. The next date is May, 5/17/24.



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